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Pyxant Labs is named for the constellation Pyxis Nautica, whose Latin name means "mariner's compass." Pyxis Nautica is associated with the constellation Argo Navis, the ship piloted by Jason and the Argonauts in ancient Greek mythology. Pyxis Nautica embodies our guidance and support for your scientific journey.

Our History

Pyxant Labs Inc. was founded in March of 2000 by Maurice Gaubatz as an entrepreneurial response to a perceived gap in bioanalytical contract research service offerings. Observing how some laboratories lacked a level of science, quality, and service, Maurice and his founding partner, Dave Robaugh, resolved to fill this gap.

As an entrepreneur, Maurice ignored the crowded competitive environment, awful market timing, hostile capital markets, two major economic recessions, and drew upon 15 years of past experience at The Dow Chemical Company to create Pyxant Labs from the ground up. Pyxant Labs was fortunate to have a steadfast loyal core group of leaders, commitments from talented people to leave good jobs and join the young enterprise, and supportive investors. Maurice and the team at Pyxant Labs have built a company that reliably delivers superior science, utilizing state of the art technology, with a strong focus on customer service, and equitable business practices.

Our Core Values

  • Pyxant Labs’ expertise draws upon the company’s key strengths including exceptional customer service, industry leading scientific knowledge, stringent technical-regulatory compliance, and fast turnaround.

    1.  Customer Service
      We will function as an extension of your business, in order to provide an overall sense of security in knowing your priorities are our priorities. Together, our future depends on it!

    2.  Scientific Leadership
      Our staff are the highest quality in the industry. Pyxant Labs’ leadership team offers an extensive and wide variety of technical prowess ranging from clinical diagnostics to numerous therapeutic areas and classes of compounds.

    3.  Regulatory Leadership
      Our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance is a founding principle and a condition of continuing employment for every person at Pyxant Labs. The management team remains at the forefront of regulatory standards and compliance by actively participating in regulatory specialty groups.