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COVID-19 Update: 08MAY2020

Colorado has issued a statewide safer-at-home health order, whereby Pyxant Labs will remain open as a critical healthcare operation. In accordance with the CDC's Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers, Pyxant Labs is monitoring the spread of COVID-19, while providing continued service during this global emergency. We are committed to supporting our clients' efforts to combat COVID-19 and help restore health around the world.

Our Core Values

Pyxant Labs’ expertise draws upon the company’s key strengths including exceptional customer service, industry leading scientific knowledge, stringent technical-regulatory compliance, and fast turnaround.

1. Customer Service

We will function as an extension of your business, providing an overall sense of security in knowing your priorities are our priorities. Together, our future depends on it!

2. Scientific Leadership

Our staff are the highest quality in the industry. Pyxant Labs’ leadership team offers an extensive and wide variety of technical prowess ranging from clinical diagnostics to numerous therapeutic areas and classes of compounds.

3. Regulatory Leadership

Our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance is a founding principle and a condition of continuing employment for every person at Pyxant Labs. The management team remains at the forefront of regulatory standards and compliance by actively participating in regulatory specialty groups.

Our staff are the highest quality in the industry.

Our unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance is a founding principle.

Meet the Customer Service Team at Pyxant Labs

  • Pyxant Labs was founded on principles we continue to follow today, and will continue to follow as we grow. We use the best available technology by the most capable scientists, ensuring the rest will fall into place.

    About Pyxant Labs

Latest News from Pyxant Labs

Jim Wilfahrt Joins Pyxant Labs as President

Mr. Wilfahrt will lead the Company's operations across all business units and sites.

Internships at Pyxant Labs Inc.

Pyxant Labs now offers an 8-week internship program for undergraduate students.

Colorado Springs Lab Firm Recovers from Near-Shutdown to Double in Size

Pyxant Labs Inc. was nearly at the point of shutting down when CEO Maurice Gaubatz instead shifted to a new strategy.