Pyxant Labs Inc.

Pyxant Labs Capabilities

Our mass spectrometry platform is based upon personnel with industry-leading understanding and performance capabilities and state of the art instrumentation. Our mass spec platform includes Applied Biosystems API 5000, 4000, and 3000s LC/MS-MS. These instrument platforms provide state of the art analytical capabilities.

LC/MSMS Applied Biosystems MDS Sciex API 5000, 4000, and 3000s. Large installed base for bioanalytical APCI, ESI and photo ionization CTC Analytics HTS PAL Autosampler Supporting high throughput analysis with very low carry-over.

In addition to our mass spec platform, our laboratory is equipped with the following instrumental configurations:

  • Liquid chromatographs: HP models 1090 and 1100
  • Detectors for HPLC: Filtered photometric, photodiode array, fluorescence, ELCD.

Also, our laboratory has extensive capabilities in the following conventional techniques:

Extractions: Extensive expertise in the efficacy of particular solvents targeting specific test substances in a wide range of biological matrices…extraction options include reflux capabilities, Soxhlet extractions, Turbovaps, and various mechanical maceration techniques.

Sample cleanup: Extensive expertise in selecting sample cleanup approaches that eliminate interferences from the matrix, facilitating very low limits of quantitation…sample cleanup options include column chromatography with a variety of sorbents, SPE cleanup, GPC cleanup, and cation exchange chromatography.

Sample preparation: Comprehensive experience in processing biological matrices including whole blood, plasma, animal tissues, and urine.

Chemistry-intensive methods: Significant experience with hydrolysis, distillations, and derivatization methods.

Other technical capabilities include records archiving, reports preparation, and 3,500 cubic feet of onsite GLP freezer and refrigerator storage for samples.